This world is a pearl.

This world is a pearl we hold in our hands, with many facets of the lights we bare within us. This world is of a diverse beauty which moves me at times but sometimes I feel the pearl is dying and its colours are fading so it makes me angry.
But I remember that the fading light is a light which can revive and so I have faith in that light and the colours of the pearl shines again. It needs a balance. I said it, this world is like a pearl we hold in our hands. However, our problem is the way we look at the pearl and from angle, this makes the difference.

Inspiration is everywhere

"My lips hurt from your deserted kisses."

Inspiration is surely everywhere, as I wrote this from looking at my vaseline pot before applying it to my lips… lol. A lecturer once told me that stories are in the air, everywhere. You just need to be more sensitive to what is around us and grab a story idea.